Arnold M. Howitt, Ph.D. - Vincenzo Bollettino, Ph.D.
The coronavirus pandemic is a serious public health and medical crisis that has caused widespread illness and death in almost every country. The pandemic has turned out to be not just a global health concern but has affected several other domains of daily life. The pandemic has caused an economic crisis due to which many...

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Arnold M. Howitt, Ph.D. - Vincenzo Bollettino, Ph.D.

Arnold M. Howitt, is Faculty Co-Director, Program on Crisis Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University and Vincenzo Bollettino is Director, Program on Resilient Communities, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Harvard University. The opinions expressed in the article are that of the writers and not of the institution they are affiliated to.

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The name Nepal FIRST signifies Nepal Forum for International Relations Studies. Similarly, the name Nepal FIRST also tries to highlight the fact that Nepal should promote and protect its national interest first before anything else while engaging with rest of the world.

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